Administrative Staff

nancy-davis-web Nancy Davis – Head of School
Nancy joined the Undercroft administrative staff in August, 2009. She first discovered Montessori education in 1986 when her son began attending a small Montessori school. Like many parents, she loved what she saw happening there and decided to pursue her Montessori training. She received her certification in San Diego and has taught children from primary through upper elementary. She served as a Montessori consultant for a public magnet program in North Carolina and, after receiving her state certification, served as principal of the same school. During that time, Nancy also earned her Master’s Degree in School Administration. A move to Illinois led to an administrative position overseeing the operations and educational programs of a network of retreat/conferences centers across the U.S. Nancy, along with her husband and daughter, have now relocated to Tulsa and Nancy says she is delighted to be returning to a Montessori setting as well as to be close to their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter who have settled in Tulsa.


Amy Langham 2013Amy Langham – Administrative Assistant
Amy first began her journey with Undercroft as a parent and volunteer in 2005. Since then both sons have attended Undercroft and continue to do so. Her role extended to room representative and in 2006 she joined the Undercroft administration staff. Amy brings to Undercroft her extensive experience in office management, medical, legal, and Information Technology organizations, as well as her Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Amy has applied her experience to coordinate school communications through management of the website, school database and produces UNDERcurrents, the school newsletter.


Sydney Atchison – Business Officer

Sydney joined the Undercroft Administrative Staff in June 2017. Sydney brings to Undercroft an extensive background that includes finance & accounting, human resources, education administration, and customer service. Her experience spans both for profit and non-profit sectors. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University and also holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Montessori is new to Sydney; however, she is excited to learn about Montessori methods and the Undercroft Community.


chris-regan-webChris Regan – Facilities Coordinator
Chris is a huge supporter of the Montessori method, having fully experienced its benefit to his own two children since 2009. He is grateful to have found a positive and creative school environment for himself and his family. Chris’ previous work experience includes Facilities Service Manager for Brooks Harvard overseeing a wide variety of building maintenance in commercial and residential settings. Chris served as the Shop Technician in the art department for seven years at The University of Tulsa and ten years in a family owned metal shop/ art studio. He enjoys the process of designing and fabricating crafts in multiple materials and teaches metal smithing and wood working classes. He enjoys being part of Tulsa’s art and maker community.


Brooke Kirchner – Receptionist