The Application Process

If you’d like to learn more about our school, call the office at 918-622-2890 to request an information packet; or you may download the information packet here: Undercroft Montessori Information 2015-2016. We find most visitors aren’t familiar with Montessori, and encourage everyone interested in applying for enrollment at Undercroft to begin with a tour.

1. Take a Tour.

To schedule a tour, please call the Undercroft office at 918-622-2890. We usually schedule tours in the morning on a school day, which will give you a chance to see how a Montessori class works from an observation room. Our head of school will lead the tour, providing an overview of Undercroft and the Montessori approach to education.  We ask that young children not accompany their parents on these tours, though they will have a chance to see the school during the interview process.

2. Complete Our Application.    DOWNLOAD-packet

After touring the school, parents will submit an application for enrollment (download here: Undercroft Montessori Information 2015-2016), accompanied by a student photo and a $50.00 non-refundable application fee. For students who have prior school experience, the application should include school records. A record request form is available to download here: Request School Records.

3. Introduction to the Environment.

When we receive a completed application (download here: Undercroft Montessori Information 2015-2016), we will schedule a student introduction to the environment. Introductions take place at 3:15 or 3:30 p.m. and are conducted by one of our guides (teacher). There is no formal testing involved. The teacher visits with your child to get a feeling for where he/she is in his/her social and academic development. A primary aim of the application process is to determine readiness for school and assure a successful transition to Undercroft upon acceptance.

When the introduction is complete, the application package is reviewed by a team to make enrollment and placement recommendations. Applicants will receive a call from the school conveying the decision of the admissions team, usually within a couple of weeks following the introduction.