School Pictures by Lynn Taylor Photography

Please see Lynn’s website for galleries and information.

Please arrive on time.  Inclusion in the group picture may depend on it!

School Pictures Schedule:

On the day your child’s class is scheduled (see schedule), Lynn will take both an individual portrait and a class group portrait.  You will receive a sheet of index prints as ‘proofs’, and an order form to be completed and returned with your payment to Lynn Taylor Photography. Lynn Taylor is returning as our school photographer.  Lynn does an excellent job with our students and provides parents with an outstanding selection of proofs from which to choose. The pictures are offered to parents at Lynn’s cost.  Undercroft does not profit from this service.  Soon after the end of all sessions, parents will be provided with a proof envelope.  Parents then choose favorite selections and remit payment with the return of the proof envelope.  All proof packages for Undercroft will be sent to the lab together.  Normal lab time is four to six weeks.

Please note that you are not obligated to make a purchase – your child’s picture will appear in the yearbook even if you decide not to order a package.  Lynn Taylor chooses the picture for the yearbook.

Volunteers Needed to Assist!!

  • We need at least 2 adult helpers per classroom to escort students and assist the photographer as needed. If you are available during your child’s scheduled time, please contact

Helpful Hints for a Great Picture Day:

Please remember that deeper and brighter colors photograph best.  Avoid whites and pastels.

Season Pass to the City – Fundraising opportunity benefiting Undercroft

Season Pass to the City is an annual membership that provides promotional offers on goods & services throughout the city. Members can take advantage of all existing discounts, request new discounts and complete ratings and reviews on service providers. The listing of service providers helps members find providers on almost anything and because members rate and review, they can be sure that they deliver quality service.  This year, the Undercroft community has the opportunity to participate in this program – you can shop AND give back to Undercroft Montessori School!

This program is designed to be a win/win/win for everyone involved.

  1. Non-Profits raise more money with a 365 day a year fundraiser
  2. Families save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year by purchasing a Season Pass from their non-profit.
  3. Businesses increase their foot traffic by inviting Season Pass members to spend their money with them by providing compelling offers.

Below, we have provided a simple step by step process to buy a Season Pass for your family and raise money for Undercroft Montessori School.

  • Go to
  • Click on the box that reads “Join Now” (at the top, middle of the page)
  • This will take you to another page that explains purchasing a Season Pass. Click the “purchase” button.
  • Click the “Do you have a promotional code” link and type in the promo code: undercroft
  • Please fill out the entire form on that page. Fill out the remaining billing details. We will mail you a Season Pass card which you will use when you redeem your offers.

Thank you for checking out Season Pass to the City and we hope you are able to support Undercroft Montessori School  by purchasing a pass using their promo code: undercroft.

A list of offers available to Season Pass to the City holders can be found HERE.