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fUNDERaiser Auction Items-Donate Today!

Download the donation form (tax form) here: fUNDERaiser Auction Donation Form.

Dear Undercroft Families,

Undercroft Montessori School has provided authentic Montessori education for children in Tulsa since 1964. Currently serving children from age three through eighth grade, the school and community are committed to academic excellence; independence in thought and action; critical and collaborative thinking; and compassion and respect for self, community and the world.

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, we will host our 15th annual fUNDERaiser. This fun event features artwork from Undercroft students and goods and services donated from throughout our community in our live, silent and online auctions. This is our biggest fundraising event of the year and our community is a critical part of its success. In order to purchase expensive equipment, educational materials and furnishings that are not covered by tuition alone, Undercroft relies upon the proceeds from this event.

How can you help? We need donations! Donations can include items, special services, gift certificates, or even a bottle of wine. The next time you are running an errand at a local business, eating or shopping at your favorite restaurant or dropping kids off at an extracurricular activity consider using the enclosed donation form and community letter to share information about this event. You would be surprised how many businesses are willing to help out.  There are additional copies of the donation form and community letter located in the UMS office.

Here are a few examples of past donations: Tulsa Children’s Museum Family Membership, Ihloff Salon Gift Certificate, Tulsa Driller’s Club Seats, and a Yoga Room Gift Certificate. You can even donate one of our “Pay To Play” items where you can provide a dinner or other fun event for which multiple people can sign-up. For example, we’ve had a Wine & Yoga party and a Steak & Wine dinner party donated, in the past.

Please complete the form (make sure to include the value of the item) and provide a copy to the merchant, which will serve as their receipt. The white copy must be turned in to the office along with the donated item.

Donate today!

On behalf of the students, parents and staff at Undercroft, thank you for your time and consideration. You contributions are greatly appreciated.

Warmest Regards,
Nancy Davis
Head of School

Download the donation request letter here: fUNDERaiser Community Letter 2016.