Administrative Staff

nancy-davis-webNancy Davis – Head of School
Nancy joined the Undercroft administrative staff in August, 2009. She first discovered Montessori education in 1986 when her son began attending a small Montessori school. Like many parents, she loved what she saw happening there and decided to pursue her Montessori training. She received her certification in San Diego and has taught children from early childhood through upper elementary. She served as a Montessori consultant for a public magnet program in North Carolina and, after receiving her state certification, served as principal of the same school. During that time, Nancy also earned her Master’s Degree in School Administration. A move to Illinois led to an administrative position overseeing the operations and educational programs of a network of retreat/conferences centers across the U.S. Nancy, along with her husband and daughter, have now relocated to Tulsa and Nancy says she is delighted to be returning to a Montessori setting as well as to be close to their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter who have settled in Tulsa.


Sydney Atchison  Business Officer
Sydney joined the Undercroft Administrative Staff in June 2017. Sydney brings to Undercroft an extensive background that includes finance & accounting, human resources, education administration, and customer service. Her experience spans both for profit and non-profit sectors. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University and also holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Montessori is new to Sydney; however, she is excited to learn about Montessori methods and the Undercroft Community.



Jamie Gartside – Administrative Assistant







Brooke Kirchner – Receptionist
Brooke Kirchner was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She has lived in several different states throughout her life, but made her way back to Green Country in 2005.  Brooke and her husband deeply believe in the Montessori Method and their daughter attends Undercroft’s early childhood program.  Brooke previously worked in billing and accounts receivables for over 10 years before starting a family and eventually coming to work here as our Receptionist.  Brooke began working at Undercroft as a substitute in 2016 and became our Receptionist in Spring of 2017.  She brings extensive experience in customer service, office management, interpersonal, computer, and multi-tasking skills to her roll as our Receptionist.  In addition to serving as the first point of contact for our school, she produces UNDERcurrents, writes for our Facebook page, and supports our staff and community with events and everyday happenings.


Brigid Vance – Development Director






Phillip Decker – Facilities Coordinator







Andrea Sawyers – Facilities Assistant