Classrooms, Faculty & Board

Credentialed Teachers
An accredited Montessori Training Center certifies all lead teachers (guides) at Undercroft Montessori School. Guides are hired on the basis of their love of teaching and children, their years of experience, their commitment to excellence, and their ability to be team players. The majority of our faculty has several years of experience and we are proud of our extremely low turnover.

Teachers practice self-evaluation on a daily basis. Peer coaching is encouraged, and teaching teams work together to solve problems. The Head of School conducts regular observations and a formal evaluation each year of each staff member. Consultants are also brought in to evaluate the program as a whole.

Manageable Class Size
The average class size is 21 students. It is important to remember, especially in the primary classrooms, each class has a balance of ages. While a classroom of 20 four-year-olds might be difficult, a classroom of 7 three-year-olds, 7 four-year-olds, and 7 five-year-olds is easily managed. Dr. Montessori recommended class sizes of 25 to 35 students to better facilitate peer tutoring and grouping.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio
There are two adults in each class of twenty-one students. Thus, the ratio is approximately 1 to 11. In most classes both adults are Montessori certified guides. In the primary classrooms, serving children ages 3-6, the youngest children usually go home or go to the nap room at 11:30 a.m., after which the ratio drops to approximately 1 to 7.