Covid-19 Updates

Moving Forward Together!

Undercroft Montessori School has created a detailed plan that imagines what the year ahead may look like for our students and families in light of COVID-19. Please see our 2020-2021 Plan for Safe Return to Campus for our complete plan of action in conjunction with the most recent communication from our Head of School below:
August 5, 2020
Dear Undercroft Families,
I hope this finds you all well. I've attached the latest copy of our UMS Reopening Plan, which has been amended to include upper elementary students in addition to middle school students wearing face coverings at school.
This plan has now been fully reviewed by the Tulsa Health Department, along with a much more detailed version of the plan developed for staff. Throughout the planning process, I have been in contact with the Tulsa Health Department, which has been a valuable source of advice and information. 
As we prepare for the start of the school year, my contact with the Health Department has been more frequent, seeking advice related to whether the rate of community spread in Tulsa County at this time should cause us to shift from in-person learning to remote learning. Their response has been consistent that community spread at this time is not a reason, alone, to consider closing our school. Instead, we have been advised that we have a strong and thorough plan and we should focus on our capacity to execute that plan, as well as specific circumstances within our school community, as the primary driver for such a decision.
I have also been meeting regularly with the heads of local private schools here in Tulsa. This group has been another valuable and generous resource, and has been receiving similar advice from the Tulsa Health Department.
You may be aware that yesterday, Dr. Dart made a public recommendation that all schools should open virtually this fall. This morning, I spoke with Dr. Dart directly in relation to our school plan to re-open in person, and his statement, yesterday. He graciously agreed to meet with our private school heads group, this afternoon. Dr. Dart clarified that his public statement yesterday was intended for larger public school systems and did not take into consideration the smaller private schools. In his conversation with me, he affirmed that Undercroft has a strong plan and he is aware we have been working closely with his staff in developing it. He further supported our decision to start school in person as long as we are able to execute the plan we have put in place. We will continue to carefully watch the data and discuss with our advisories, and remain committed to open communication with our community.
Summer school was lovely and provided a nice opportunity to practice some of our protocols. Guides have already begun working to prepare to receive students, and have been thoughtful and creative in applying the framework of our reopening plan to design their classroom environments and prepare materials and routines. Parents have reached out to me with questions and concerns throughout the summer and I have been grateful for these conversations. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.
With warmest regards,
Nancy Davis | Head of School