Our Alumni

How can one thrive in the conventional world of education after so many years in a Montessori environment? Year after year, our alumni describe how their Montessori education prepared them with life skills such as time management; working well with diverse groups; communicating effectively with faculty and administration along with mastering academic concepts; and has instilled in them a confident maturity, allowing them to fearlessly approach the challenges of high school, college and beyond. High standards are established at an early age, leading to success throughout life.


stephenStephen Slater

Stephen went to Booker T. Washington High School after leaving Undercroft in 2009. He was elected Mr. Hornet; was the captain of the boys’ varsity cross country and track teams; a member of the 6A state champion academic bowl team; and earned an International Baccalaureate diploma in 2013.

“During my eight years at Undercroft, I learned to have a global perspective and to love learning, which contributed to my success at Booker T. Washington High School.”

“I have many fond memories of playing on the old playground and wanted to express my thanks by meeting a need on the new Playscape.” Stephen chose to install a butterfly bench and plant a terraced garden of lavender on the Playscape for his Eagle Scout project.

Stephen was named one of the 141 United States Presidential Scholars in 2013 and was recognized by President Obama in Washington D.C. He is currently attending Harvard University.


janaJana Sanders

Jana graduated from Undercroft in 2012 and is currently a sophomore at Holland Hall Preparatory School. She is a field hockey player, class president and active in her youth group. She also enjoys singing, playing drums and photography.

“Undercroft REALLY prepared me for Holland Hall. We have a modular schedule system here, which means we need to prioritize our time and balance out doing home work and socializing with friends. In middle school, we had a lot of practice with this, so my transition was smooth and easy. My grades are really good and I think it’s because I really learned how to prioritize at Undercroft.”



hunterHunter Senft

Hunter graduated from Undercroft in 2011 and is currently a junior at Riverfield Country Day School. He is active in drama and band programs and plays guitar, bass guitar, percussion and sings backup vocals. Hunter’s favorite academic subjects are chemistry and English. He is also on the high school honor roll and a member of National Honor Society.

“I’ve felt very prepared for my transition to high school. I credit Montessori in helping me develop almost all of my math skills as well as science. I excelled in my biology class because I knew a lot about the subject already.”

“I’ve made a lot of good memories at Undercroft. My favorite middle school memory is probably the plays we would perform for personal world. In Ms. Amanda’s class, I liked when we had a class book that would be read aloud to us. My favorite memory from Mrs. G’s class is when we measured out our height using our foot as a ruler.”


aliceAlice Perrault

Alice attended Undercroft from age four through eighth grade. Alice just graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program at Booker T. Washington High School. Her favorite class was IB Advanced English and she was an active member of the Speech and Debate team. Alice received the Gold Award in Girl Scouts, and is a leader in her church youth group and youth choir. Currently, Alice is pursuing her love of music at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in vocal performance.

“Attending Undercroft gave me a unique perspective on the world. I have a strong sense of empathy and confidence in my own identity. Growing up in a Montessori community prepared me to be out in the world as a confident person.”