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Service to the community is an important part of our curriculum for students, and our community leads by example, giving generously of their time and talent throughout the school year. We are grateful for the generosity of our friends and families, whose presence throughout the year provides vital support for our staff and students, and, most importantly, strengthens bonds of friendship and community we all enjoy so much! Here are some examples of the services our volunteers provide:

Community Building Committee (CBC) and Room Reps

The CBC is Undercroft’s parent-teacher organization which oversees the planning and coordination of community building and fundraising events. CBC co-chairs are members of the Board of Directors and work closely with Room Reps and other volunteers who carry out the many activities planned throughout the year. 2-3 parents in each class volunteer to serve as room reps, and help organize and communicate with their class parents to carry out a variety of fun, community activities.

CBC Activities:

  • Summer All School Get-Together
  • Back to School Coffee Social
  • Fall Festival
  • School Pictures
  • Parent Social: Under the Stars
  • Staff Appreciation Luncheons
  • Folks’ Day Bake Sale
  • Yearbook Design and Production
  • fUNDERaiser Annual Auction and Live Event
  • Earth Day Celebration/Bake Sale
  • Campus Beautification Days

Other Volunteer Activities:

In addition to all the organized opportunities for volunteers above, we are grateful for volunteers who give of their time to:

  • Assist guides with class preparation by making materials and copies
  • Keep our libraries organized by shelving books
  • Read stories aloud to students and classes
  • Help with class cooking projects
  • Drive for field trips
  • Help with building projects
  • Share talent and expertise with students, like writers’ workshops, quilting classes, geology presentations, and more!